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iOS 12 bug on iPhone X

The game is unplayable with iOS 12 on the iPhone X. There are graphical glitches that show on the loading menu and in the game.

Waiting for LS before the storm

I wanna know when it will be release here in the app store.


I personally loved this game so catching and very addictive hehe!

Beautiful, just beautiful.

This game is breathtaking, words aren’t enough to describe how beautiful this game is. The soundtrack, the gameplay, the storyline, everything is PERFECT. I have not experienced any glitches or problems. I wish this game had no end. I truly hope they continue the story or release a game just like this one. This is the best mobile game I’ve ever played. Please keep releasing beautiful games like this one.

Worth It!!!

I bought all the episodes after I played the first one. This game is worth it! The story is amazing and you fall in love with the characters. Hope you guys come out with a life is strange 2!

Better on the PlayStation

I have played this game on the playstation and it is by far one of my favorite games. It would be worth it to play the game on there so you can play it on a big screen. And you do not have to worry about purchasing additional episodes. But if you do play it on there, make sure you have tissue.

Find the camera!?!?

What flipping camera I couldn’t move to look for it and it wasn’t in my desk I couldn’t find that camera and take that stupid selfie.

Can't install episode 2

I installed and played Episode 1. I then purchased episode 2, the charge went through on my card, but it will not install. The file appears to be downloaded, but it will not install on my phone.

Some pros and some cons

So some things that I love about it is the trailer. The trailer almost made me cry and I don’t even cry that much😂. So that pretty much caused me to get the app. Then I played and found out you have to pay after the 1st episode. Now... this is the thing I don’t like. Yes the game is worth paying for but some people don’t have the money including myself. If I had the money I would 100% buy it but at the same time I question if it’ll be worth it. So yeah aside from it costing money I do enjoy the game and it’s really fun👍😊😁 also Chloe is my favorite character 😂

Brilliant with sky rendering issues.

Brilliant game. I have played this on console and am playing it again on iOS. I have noticed, however, that there is an issue with rendering the sky. The sky always appears to have black splotches and patches. I hope to see this fixed soon.


If u have a unique life or want to know about the life, the story. Well this game is a perfect story for u guy! ╰(*´︶`*)╯♡

Love the game

need help it’s not playing any audio

Amazing game!

Out of all the games I’ve played this is by far the best one. I originally bought it on the Xbox and finished the whole game. Then I got it on here and it runs just as well and the graphics are still amazing. I 10/10 would suggest this game to anyone!

Not working

Couldn’t get out of the class room. The door looks like a black square doesn’t have handle. Contacted support but they couldn’t help. Removed.

I might be wrong

So I don’t really leave reviews but I got a device that’s supported but it says that its unsupported I have a iPad 5 and it says it’s supported but when I open the game it’s not supported I might not have a supported device but it says it is


This may sounds corny but LIS changed my life. Amazing plot and depth to each character. Getting to know and understand Max and Chloe in such a flawless way helped me understand myself and the choices I may make. If they are in passion or reason. I will play all the dlc’s and LIS2

Controllers don't work

I wanted to at this game on a portable device rather than the PC. This game advertises MFI support but on the iPhone X it does not work at all. This personally makes it unplauae to me. Please fix this.

Great game

I really enjoyed this game overall. I think it would be cool to continue Max’s story in another game.

Loved it, should have warned about content

This game was really awesome. I would give it 5 stars, except I think that there should have been warnings in the game info about the content (abuse, date rape drugs, sexual assault, violent murder, suicide, etc). The game description didn’t really give you any warning about the VERY serious and potentially triggering plot of the game. I lost my best friend a few years ago so it the ending really hit home with me. Thank you Life is Strange for making me feel like I could drive off into the sunset with my best friend one more time.


Can i play it on iphone 5s?

Come on now, guys.

I owned this game for quite a while and had finished the first part of it several times. I really enjoyed the game other than the fact that it A. Had a price to move on (you don't see authors charging their readers to continue to the next chapter). B. Often wouldn't respond after tapping (it either wouldn't react to my touch or it would freeze and id have to restart everything). I did enjoy the game for the most part. The story was original and the graphics were as good as you could get with an iPhone. I don't know how good the second part is since I don't pay for my games to avoid having to cancel my card or the game ending up being awful. If you have a lot of patience and don't mind paying for games, this game is perfect for you.

Gorgeous poignant game.

TW for certain types of violence Couldn't stop playing because the mystery was so compelling. And the choices you make actually matter! I bought all the episodes after the first two hooked me. Apart from some plot holes (like why can't max take photos for evidence lol??), I became invested in the characters and felt like the game was intellectually convincing. I felt the psychology of their experiences and that my decisions impacted the storyline.


The entire video game version right on your phone for only $8.99!!! Absolute steal!!!! I had a lot of fun!


I have never gotten so emotionally invested in a game so fast. I absolutely loved the story and characters every step of the way. The choices really matter and the characters feel real. Absolutely my favorite game I’ve ever played, along with Before the Storm. Thank you.

In love with this game

I fell in love with this game the min i saw it ... I saw the previews for the PS4 .. I don't have a PS4 so i was going to buy a PS4 Just to play this game.... I was looking for a game to download on my phone & I saw this game . The min I saw it I download it & started playing it ... I fell in love with how the game starts & everything & I love how the 1st episode gets you hooked to keep playing ... soooo now I payed for the app & im on episode 3 😩😩😩😩😩🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼 I RECOMMEND THIS GAME TO ANYONE WHO LIKE MYSTERY STORY GAMES ✨✨✨✨✨🐩

I can’t find what I need

I’ve been on episode one for hours and couldn’t find the small tools I looked everywhere but I couldn’t find it. Can someone help me??!!🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️

Not compatible?

I downloaded the app and when I opened it something popped up saying it wasn’t compatible..I had checked on the App Store and it said it was compatible with my device (an IPad Air) I am very confused why it won’t let me play the app and I got so excited when I saw it in the App Store since this is such a beautiful game then immediately because disappointed that it won’t allow me to play I would appreciate if you did something about this

Paying to continue

This game is amazing and I love it but paying to continue is not worth even downloading it. It’s like paying to getting something for free and then you have to pay taxes, and let me tell you nobody likes taxes.

This game is amazing

I really love and enjoyed playing this game

What are you waiting for?

Download it and fast , you are wasting time you could be playing this game....


Down load is free whoopee! You have to pay almost 6 dollars to play. Deleted, say the price so we do not waste time to download!

Very nice game


Lack of support

I brought the app and it doesn’t even support my iPad mini 2. I waited to get an email back on this but never got it. Edit: can I at least get a refund?

Would love it... if it worked

So far I haven’t gotten very far into the story for one reason it doesn’t work.


This game is fantastic I didn’t see a good game like this Addict to it so easy Love you max My hero

Syncing with console

I have already played this game on my PS4 but I was wondering if you could allow us to sync to our PS4 accounts. I don't want to buy the episodes again. Please allow us to do this.

Best story ever

This game was the best storyline ever I played in my life It was so effective and emotional


I could not put my phone down I loved this game I wish u would have more story’s free

Great game, but issue restoring

I have had this game and it is fantastic! The graphics look amazing and the storyline is so creative and draws you immediately in. My only issue is that I had purchased all the episodes and then my phone suddenly stopped working. Once I received my new phone, I was unable to restore my purchases and every time I tried it read that I needed to try again, as it wasn't working. I'm not sure how to fix the issue but I've tried restarting the game and my phone and it still will not allow me to restore everything, which is extremely frustrating. If that issue is fixed, this game would receive a 5 star for sure! UPDATE: got it to work somehow but never mind this game is great still!

Seriously the best game I’ve ever played/lived

This game is so immersive that I felt like I was really Max. Great graphics and even better story. I have post-game depression now but it’s totally worth it lol


This game is incredible. There is so much detail and thought that goes into the entire thing. There are glitches like getting stuck behind people and having to close and restart the app to get the photos in focus which get super annoying by the time you reach the last episode but overall this may be my favorite game ever. The story was amazing.

I like it but I just whant my money back wasn’t my style again want money back



I won’t lie I was pretty apprehensive after reading a few of the reviews about there being glitches and problems with loading but I am so glad I bought this game and gave it a shot. It was by far one of the best if not the best game I’ve ever played on my IOS. I loved the characters, storyline, and plot twist! It kept me on my toes and had me guessing every single second! I loved it! I honestly wish there were more role playing games available on your phone that are more like this!

Best game ever

This is the best game I've ever played in my entire life, I like the how the game is made with 3-D animation we need more of those in the App Store, and I'm curious if the game life is strange before the storm and the new one life is strange 2 will come to the App Store in the future

GAmes keeps crashing

Game keeps crashing 😤

Love the game!

This is one of the best story games I have ever played. I’ve played through the game 4 times and each time love it. The art style of the game and the sound track is just one of the many things that makes this game a masterpiece. The writing and the character development is great. This game will make you fall in love with characters and make you really care about what happens to them. I hope you can enjoy the game as much as I have.

Can’t even play

So I try to play the game but when I open it it just kicks me out and says “check if this is compatible with your device” so I check and it is so I do it again and it still doesn’t work can you help me


Unfortunately I started playing this on an older IPhone and it keeps crashing when I try playing the game. I play Identity V all the time with hardly any problems, but liS just won’t play.


I usually never review a app but wow this storyline along with the amazing graphics has awed me. I finished the game in about three days and yes I purchased all the chapters. Totally worth it aside from glitches here and there this game is worth it!!!

Great story

I was able to fix the problem from before. So far I have enjoyed this game wholeheartedly.

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