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Love this game but..

This game is absolutely perfect I was playing it all night until... I had to pay for the rest of the episodes. A heads up tip if you want more people to be attracted to this game you gotta make it free no one wants to spend their hard earned money on a game


Omg I just finished the game. It was totally worth the $8.99 🤗 i was so emotionally into it. Like watching a movie almost. I loved the music and the characters and the detail (the analog took a bit getting used to). the sound effects were amazing. And the humor was great. The Sarcasm was funny. Everything. It was cool cuz u saw the teens & adults exactly how u would see em in real life lol. And the fact that you could pretty much rewrite time and alter the game was awesome 👍🏼 I must admit I shed some tears during some parts. So intense! Haha I was definitely glued to this game! I recommend it for sure!!!

Purchasing issue

I can not purchase ep.2-6. whenever I tried,I only could see a pop up message which said that my purchase failed to comlpete. There is no problem of my credit card number or anyother information. Would you help me to solve this problem?


This game had me soooo hooked ! Best game ! Should have more like these !


Controls are glitchy. The foul language is way over-the-top. The graphics are not bad, but not what I would expect on a new iPad. Already deleted the game.

Its a good game but

Loved the game when I started playing it but you have to pay for the rest of the season so I deleted it but if you are ok with spend money on games its a fun game to play


okay I understand you need the money but a lot of people like me don’t have the funds to pay for all the episodes

Very nice game



I checked the list of compatible devices and it said that it could be played on my phone, but when I opened the app it said I wasn't allowed to play it. 🤦🏻‍♀️ false advertising.

The void

I love this game on the Xbox but the mobile game is kind of dark and as soon as I try to leave the classroom at the beginning of the game I end up breaking the game by suddenly being in a black void. Needs a major fix but I will always love this game and I will always ship Pricefield!!


I’ve purchased episode 2 4 times!!! Why does it keep asking me to download again ?

some problems...

有一些小问题。1.画质还需提高(阴影效果)。2.中文翻译(San Francisco 被翻译成“洛杉矶”?!?) 望改进

It’s okay

LOVE THE GAME But I just hate that you have to buy the rest of the episodes I watch people play this on yt and it looked very fun but when I downloaded it was good but I was upset when I couldn’t read the rest of the series so pls make it free ❤️❤️

Beautiful game

It’s a wonderful game. I almost cried! It reminds me to enjoy and appreciate being a kid because once your an adult, you can’t go back. It really opened up my eyes. It also reminded me to appreciate your parents and all that they’ve done for you, because once they pass away, they are gone. The only thing is that I’ve could’ve done without the cursing. Other than that, wonderful game.

I just don’t know

It says it works on my iPhone but when I go in to the app it says something like. go to the App Store and see if this Device works on this iPhone. So I am really confused. 🤨

Please make it more compatible form more devices

It would be more great if it was available on more devices so more people can play it and probably pay for the other episodes. That’s all I got to say.

Game is broken

The game crashes and I can’t get past the part where Max takes a picture of a butterfly in the bathroom.

Why do you have to pay per season

I just wanna play for free besides that I give it 5 stars

Ep. 3 at the end where max alters Williams from dying

The screen go black and won’t let me on to ep.4


I don't know why it keeps saying my phone isn't compatible. I have iPhone 5s and 10.3.3. It's downloaded and still won't let me play.

Love it but next episodes won’t load

I love the game/the story/the mystery/everything but I just bought the season pass and although it says it downloaded, season 2 turns to a black screen when I go to play. A little frustrating but I’m hoping you guys can help me out!

love it!

i think this game is great i really love it , the story is cool the graphics are insane & the controlling system of the game is just awesome ,just one little think that i would love to be added in this game is a graphic option which i can lower the graphic to get a better performance on my device. thanks to the (square enix) team for all of it’s great games.


I have an iPad Air it says life is strange is not compatible with your device check the devices it’s compatible with in the AppStore. I did. So it’s compatible with iPad Air 2 but not 1!?

Life is Strange Episode 1

Seems really great at first, but no way to save/restore. Even worse, the last scene (storm again) in episode 1 is impossible to complete on iPhone. The help says to follow a doe, but there is no doe visible. Spending hours blundering around on a pitch black screen with no idea of how to complete is no one’s idea of fun.

Best game ever.

I have never loved a game on iPhone until I met this game. Hands down the best and only best. It made me feel like I was Maxine. It made me cry and that’s hard for me since games aren’t made for that. I really appreciate that I saw it on Facebook because if I hadn’t than I wouldn’t even had know this was a game. Hopefully I could see a part 2 to this game. Hand of applause to the creators. YOUR THE BESTTTTT!!!!!

Journal Bug

I love this game, I played the whole game and was not disappointed, it was so good I decided to have a second play through. But I can’t play how I want because the journal/menu option isn’t popping up. Someone please help.

I love this game but has glitches

I love this game a lot. I always wanted to play it. But on the first episode, you can’t leave the classroom. All you get is a black screen with Max in it. No music at all throughout the first episode and I still want to play it. So hopefully you can fix this glitch!

Can’t leave the classroom in ep1

This game initially appeared promising with its narrative structure and engaging content, but it glitched for me in the very first segment of the very first episode after the tutorial reverie. I can move about the classroom and go through the dialogue options, but when I attempt to leave, nothing happens, and my character gets swallowed in a black void. Looking at the volume of glitches other users have experienced, I wonder why developers release these things before they get to at least version 1.0.


Beautiful game! I want more of this type. Worth the buy. I’m just in love!

Never been more in love, :)

This game brings such amazing problems to light and the fact that it also comes with so many details is why this game has become so popular over the past years. I fell in love with this game and it’s YOUR choices, the way you want it. I remember that when this game came out, i did HELLA research and watched everyone’s point of view and decision from every youtuber who decided to post their experience online. Now the directors of this game has also created a Before the Storm series which is amazing, so glad they decided to keep it going. If somehow this lands in the eyes of the creators of life is strange, then i would like to say thank you because this game not only has brought me joy, it has also brought be peace of mind with the excellent soundtrack that i occasionally here every now and then to calm myself down. To anyone wondering if you should actually try it and keep going, you won’t regret it, you should experience the many events and twists and turns the creators will show you! Thank you.. also add before the storm on the App Store!! SPOILER! PS.. if any creator who sees this or has contact with them, they should consider to continue the story after the storm. Maybe with two different storylines, because in the end there are two different options to save chloe or save the town, you should do a continuation of the story because many love it so much. Or you can somehow integrate the two options in the end? I don’t know, but what im trying to say is PLEASE KEEP CREATING IT! :) Much love.


It’s a good game but it’s better to be free

New Language

Please Add Arabic

Fun but

It’s fun but I don’t want to pay $10 for the whole game when the beginning was so unfulfilling almost like a long tutorial

First scene

I cannot get out of photography class because there is no door. It just doesn’t show up as an option. Graphics wise it is a big empty space. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled the game to no avail. This is with the most recent update too.

Can’t leave Classroom

The first mission it has you do is leave the classroom. On my app the door is blacked out and won’t let me leave. I can’t do anything or advance in the game without completing the first obstacle.

good but glitches

the story is great, but when i try to get on an episode my game crashes. and the sound doesn’t work most of the time, even with the ringer on


guess life really is strange *dabs*


Loved the game played it on multiple platforms. Now playing it on mobile. On ep 5 now and can’t take a picture of the whale which is one of the ones I have to take. Anyone else running into this glitch? Pls help. It’s really irking me I can’t take this one photo.

Editor please read.

This game is wonderful, magnificent, amazing, this is the best game that I have on my phone. There is just one problem, on my phone(which is a 7) I am not able to access the phone at all, not my journal, not messages, not anything, and it seems as if the screen is zoomed in because I can’t see everything fully, it is too zoomed. I was only able to access the journal once, and it was in the very first scene in the classroom when the journal was on the table. And even then it was zoomed, if you understand what I mean. I am totally going to buy this game, I just wish I knew a way to access the journal. Thanks, and bye.

It crash on my 5s

This game is not run in my 5s it says check the compatible device please help


The only game with butterfly effect that is very impressively made well done..

Please make this compatible with iPhone 5s

I’ve loved Life is Strange for a long time, and I’ve always wanted to play it for myself. Now, after several months of waiting, the game is finally mobile, yet I cannot play it on this device. Even though the App Store states that it is compatible, every time I try to open the app, a message pops up stating it is not. I would appreciate it if the game was modified to operate on the IPhone 5s so that I didn’t waste my money.


I love this game so much. But has lots of glitches and brings me to the home screen. Don’t get me wrong I love this game.💗❤️

Please explain

I know this is a good game but it’s free I shouldn’t have to pay for the episodes it makes no sense at all

Won’t work

So I’ve been wanting to play this game for awhile but when I opened it it told me it wasn’t compatible but I have an iPhone5s and IOS 11. So I don’t know why it’s not working.

I’m literally going back in time…

I’m on ep 2 part 1 and I’m at the part where Chloe and Max were eating and Max was telling Chloe what was gonna happen in the next 30 seconds or so and it kept making me tell Chloe what was going to happen. I don’t know if this was because I kept saying the wrong answers but it was really annoying.

Good but don’t understand

I played the first episode and loved it and then I bought the full season pass thing and it is for all episodes right? Anyway I go on the game to play and it still says I haven’t unlocked or bought episodes 2-5? So I don’t know what to do.


this game is awesome so i wanted to buy it but it was 20 bucks on xbox but waaay cheeper for mobile


Don’t get this game 👎🏽 I bought episodes 2-5 and my phone died while they were downloading so I tried to re install and it’s talking about pay again smh gmfu and I tried restoring the purchase and it wouldn’t let me


Okay so when I saw the video I liked it i Download it and it says that i can’t play on my iPad mini 2. That is just not fair. In the Compatibility says that it works on this iPad...well guess not because I can’t. Like fortnite I can’t play that either 😐😡 It’s ok I just don’t like it when it doesn’t work on my iPad tho.

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