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Good but

I love the story line but the character we are playing sounds weird her voice is weird I don’t like her hair can you add something where we choose what our character looks like and sounds like because it’s making me cringe

If you can write, you can read.

If you people actually read the developers description of the game, you would notice they explain that this game will no longer work on ancient artifacts such as an iPod Touch or iPhone 5. Either do some research before you pay for something or get off your rotary and get a new phone.

Update your compatibility

Lame that it’s not compatible with IPad Air first edition! Waited so long for this to come onto Apple store!

Amazing game!

This game is simply astounding. Amazing graphics, amazing plot, amazing everything. Except for how I have to buy more episodes. I can't afford it :(

Square Enix i need you to fix these bugs

im only giving this five stars because i love the game and have played it numerous times. until the latest update the game ran smoothly. but there are some awful bugs such as characters not doing certain actions thus not being able to trigger cutscenes and progress. i was stuck in the hallway during episode two and i was unable to trigger the next cutscene so i could save kate. warren wasnt doing his chemistry things, kate was in a continuous conversation with jefferson, and even after talking to nathan and victoria they still showed up as sitting on my table. square enix i love this game and i didnt pay for the season pass so you could slack on bug fixes. please fix it.

Great Game

The fact that this game is free is crazy. The graphics, performance, and music in this game is outstanding. I am very chuffed with this game.

Navigation takes away the fun

There’s an interesting story and plot line but the navigation is sooo irritating. It gives me a headache trying to move the screen and find all the items to click on. I haven’t tried using it on any other device except my iPhone X, so maybe us X users are the only ones with this problem.

Tengo una duda

Quiero comprar los episodios del 2 al 5 pero aún no lo he hecho porque no si si están en español, los episodios de Life is Strange del 2 al 5 están en español ?


It’s way too hard. I can’t even get past the part where Max wants to get Victoria out of the way! It’s so hard I actually started to cry


I had REALLY wanted to play this game.It seemed so nice and I watched so many people played it but then when I tried to play it, it said it won’t work for my device witch is an IPAD MINI 3, so please creators please let it work on iPad mini 3 and more please!!


To be perfectly honest, I thought this game was absolutely amazing! It has a beautiful storyline and the graphics are fairly good. You can see that a lot of time and detail were put into this game! I did get stuck for a while when trying to find the small tools for fixing the camera, but I eventually found them and continued the game. This game always keeps you on your toes looking for hidden choices you can make and small details to observe.

This WAS a great game

I can’t play nor buy anymore of the the games eps because it says “ not available so please fix it so I can finish the rest of the story

One of the best games I’ve ever played

I can honestly say this was one of the best games I’ve ever played. Not because of the controls but because of the well written storyline. To me it felt like I was playing a tv series mixed with those choose your path books from the 80s and 90s. The game changes ever so slightly based on your choices throughout. Unfortunately the end will break your heart regardless of the choices you make. It’s a beautiful and heartbreaking coming of age story about love, loss, friendship, and ultimately letting go. It’s worth every penny, don’t read the spoilers just play the game in its entirety. You won’t regret it.

Love it

I have played every episode every sequel even bonus and I have bundles all great but for supported can you please add iPhone SE to the list

App not compatible with iPhone 5s

I tried loading this app and it said its not compatible with my iPhone 5s and it says in list of compatible devices, it says it’s compatible with iphone 5s.

Wish I didn’t spend money

I love this game and it’s got really good gameplay, controls a little iffy but my problem is the in app purchases. Now I payed for the all season pass (Episodes 2-5) right? Okay well it definitely took the money off of my account. I tried downloading the content of the second episode (after purchase) and right when it was done downloading and I tried to play it, it crashed. I reopen the app to find that instead of “play” it now said “get” on episode 2. It said that for every episode even though I had bought an all season pass. So I repurchased JUST episode 2. Same thing happened, it took the money of, it downloaded, crashed and then said “get” instead of “play”. So basically altogether according to my Apple receipts I have spent $10.58 on something that I can’t even play. I have deleted the app and redownloaded it multiple times to see if that was the issue and nothing is working. I have the receipts still if you want a screenshot. Either way I’d either like to be able to play WHAT I PAYED FOR or give my my money back. Thanks


Do you think that iPod touches will be supported again????

Best game ever

I love this game wish it was longer

A bug with the journal

So I got the game a couple of weeks ago and played through it with no problems.. after the update when I started it again I noticed it wouldn’t let you read the Journal... even though Max’s dialogue is the same as if you had opened it. It also doesn’t appear in the corner of the screen anymore.. same thing happens with text messages... I miss reading Max’s thoughts, they helped me really get into her character other then that, this is one of my favorite Games I hope you guys can fix this bug. Keep up the great work!:)


So I just downloaded the game a few days ago, I have an iPhone 6s Plus and purchased the season pass when I downloaded the game. It is now saying they can not restore my purchases. If this is because of a compatibility issue I’d like to know and I’d like to know if my money is now gone. If the game wasn’t compatible with my phone then why could I just now play episode 1 and why would you have it to where people can buy the season pass with compatibility issues. Please someone get back to me I was really looking forward to playing this and if I’d can’t I’d at least like to know what happens to my money in that case. Thank you :/

Can’t leave the door past the first scene.

I’m currently stuck in the scene where Maxine wakes up and is in her classroom. After the professor talks to her, I try to leave and it won’t let me! This is after the mandatory cutscene where the professor prevents her from leaving so that he can talk to her about the everyday heroes project with Victoria next to him. Everything is updated. The game, the iPhone 7s, everything is updated. I knew it too good to be true for the mobile version to be as good as the PS4 or Xbox one version.

Just why!?

This game is good and all but the part were you search cloees House for the tiny tools to fix maxes camera. I searched every were an I can not find them IS THIS A GLITCH

Me encanto

Pero quiero más episodios :’( ya lo termine 😭

Gaming redefined

Life Is Strange is an emotionally electrifying virtual experience. Although it is considered a choice-based narrative “game”, its intellectual complexity actually resembles an interactive human psychology simulation with a hint of fantasy elements. So there’s much more to it than you may initially assume. The actual magnitude of the story starts to unfold throughout chapter 3, building on the events of the preceding chapters. This is an exceptional masterpiece and a perfect example of what the video game industry is capable to develop, if they only want to. The most notable thing about Life Is Strange is how it manages to reflect reality in an intriguing and mysterious way without substantially distorting it—think of it as interactively experiencing a story a la Donnie Darko.

i really like this game but

this game is awesome. i love watching game plays of it and stuff, and i was so excited when i got it. but i can’t even play it because it keeps crashing every time i try. wont even get passed the loading screen.

Episode 5 ?

I paid for episode 5 but cant play it

Love It

I Hella Love It Even On IPhone Cause It’s My Favorite Game And I Get To Play While Going Anywhere.

One of the worst games I’ve ever played

Jk how can you hate this game, the moment I started playing I already got caught in the story and in the mystery surrounding everything. The story is amazing, amazingly beautiful graphics. It is sad that you have to pay for it tho i understand ( I’m to poor to play the whole game). If i had money i would buy this game and play it multiple times to get through the effects of each choice you make. You feel like it is your story and that everything is happening to you and not Max. It is an interesting game and i wish there would be more like this for mobile

Love it

Its a really good game, the controls are smooth and I’ve played it half way at my friends device but I would really love it if it was available on iPod Touch too


Hey I try to go opening the door to get out the class room but I try and I’m just in a black space help

Awesome graphics and great game but..

I do wish there was more direction or a tutorial as I’m still kinda confused on most of the stuff in game. The graphics are amazing and so is the story so far but I also think it’s completely bs that the episodes are very short and each episode is 4.99 kinda ridiculous & greedy if u ask me. If it this game was complete with a tutorial I’d definitely give it at 5 ⭐️

Uggh! I can’t call you half a world away.

Update would not work. All other apps update fine. My phone is not full. I deleted the app to download it to see if that would work as it sometimes does but it still gives me an error that the app cannot be downloaded at this time please try again later. This is the only app I am getting this message with and I have purchased all episodes. Please remedy. Great game but can we fix support??? Half the world uses Apple safari.

It’s ok but I wish I had money for the series

I mean it’s really fun but I have no money to buy 2 or 3 or 4 or 5 idk what to do I’m a bit sad and mad I really just want it sooooo bad that I kinda wanna cry lol

This game is so fun!

So fun that I am on chapter 5 and don’t want it to end! I hope the prequel will be on iOS too!

Life is Strange: Before the Storm *Request*

Please make Life is Strange: Before the Storm available in the App Store as soon as possible a lot of fans can’t wait to purchase this game. Thanks..


I am on season 5. I am getting a glitch in the part in the maze. The floor is black and I can not get to my destination.

Why this game is so good!!!

I have played this game and watched many people play this game and not one of them said they didn’t enjoy playing it! I love the music the style and feeling of being cozy and yet excited at the same time. Your able to get connected to the characters easier than most games which makes me want to play more! This game has choices and some times hidden things and I love that you can do that in these games. I’ll admit this game is not going to be for everyone but if you like decision making and choices and story’s then go ahead and click purchase!

Best choice giving game I have ever seen

This is what quality effort looks like and perfect representation of the real world you can do what other companies can’t (they think we like gross things along with jokes that contain toilet related topics) you really did put in all the effort

Lost money?

I bought the season pass weeks ago and i updated and i dont have my season pass or any episodes ive already tried to restore purchases nothing seems to work, please help.


I really really loved this game. And then I got to chapter two and I had to pay to continue. I wanted to play something that didn’t involve me paying money for it but it is what it is. It’s still a very good game though.

Intriguing and worth it!

I have just finished chapter 1 of this story/game. I absolutely love it. It is just what I have been looking for in a game! I am fascinated by mystery and interactive stories and this combines the two perfectly. I was disappointed that you have to pay $9 to play chapters 2-5 (you can purchase chapter 2 for 99 cents and the others for 4.99 a piece also), but the game has to make money in some way. I bought it, and I think it was worth the money. I will update if that changes in the next few chapters.

Bugs and problems downloading

Episode one played well, but was annoyed with how much progress was lost if I switched to another app for more than 30 seconds. Episode two was were I am now stuck. Experienced segments of the game playing out before the story had progressed to that point so I was left having dialogue with empty diner booths and getting stuck in interactions were no solution could be found because there were no characters present and clicking on a prop had triggered events that weren’t supposed to have happened until other steps had been taken first. I rage quit and waited for updates so I could play the game. When I opened the game today episode 2 wasn’t even downloaded! Downloaded it, and continuously was asked to install the game, after the download had supposedly finished twice. Super confused and would love these issues to be addressed as I am looking forward to playing the rest of the story. If bugs are fixed I will by all means leave a positive review in the future!

iPod Touches hello!!!!

Great game that I paid for would love to play it again now that the new episodes are there but iPod Touches aren’t supported so thanks for stealing my money I guess 🤬🖕🏾

Crash since latest update

Love the game, however since the latest update it crashes while loading every time making it unplayable.

Great game and great graphics!!!

I was not expecting this game to be as addictive as it was. After playing the first episode I was hooked. Graphics are amazing. There were a few glitches here and there. But I got through those. When I finished the game I was left wanting more. I hope to see more like this in the future. I will most likely play the game again making different choices. It also helped me kill time during down time at work. Ssshhh. No one should ever know. Hahahaha. Thank you for the great game!!!👍🏽👍🏽

Wonderful game, difficult navigation

I loved this game. It’s so immersive and challenging, without being overly difficult. It took about a week to complete, which I think is great. My one complaint is that the navigation on my iPhone X was tricky. The last part requires a lot of precision and I just couldn’t get through it with how clumsy the navigation is. It would be sooo much easier on a game console. But I just ended up watching that part on YouTube instead, which was fine.

Needs work

Idea seems cool, but it takes over a minute to load the game on iPhone 7 which seems like quite a while. Also the controls are clunky and I find myself trying to read or look at an item and then start walking away. And finally it just stops at the first bathroom scene and doesn’t go any further. It pauses in the middle of a cut scene and you are left with a floating camera and no way to proceed. Update: I like hearing from developers it shows they’re listening. If the issue keeping me from playing the game is fixed I’ll have to add some stars

Epic Game has a glitch

Everything about this game is great. I really love it. On the last episode during the Nightmare sequence. There is a bug commonly called the nightmare bug. It causes the whole screen to go black and I can’t progress through the game. If that was fixed 5,000 Stars.

Problems with purchasing the season pass

after playing the first chapter I decided to buy the season pass on the AppStore and it said I purchased it but when I go on the game it doesn’t say that it was purchased so I tried purchasing it in the game and it said it was already purchased and then it loaded for awhile and then it stopped and said I don’t have an internet connection I checked my card and the money was taken out for the game. What do I do? I really hope this made sense


I’m having trouble, episode 3, scene 5. I can’t get any info when I go to the cabinet. I’ve looked on YouTube and it’s suppose to open a file. When I hit search, she goes for the file then just stands back up. I can’t move on. Please help!

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